Are we an angry, hateful society?

     It has occurred to me lately that the American (and perhaps worldly) phenomenon is to be angry. Mad. Livid. P.O’d. And I don’t mean in isolated moments when a person is righteously indignant. I am referring to what appears to be the status quo of our culture—which is to be always mad at someone or about something.
      We are angry that the cashier is taking too long to cash people out, despite the evidence pointing to large consumption by many people in line. We are angry on the road because people drive to slow, drive too fast or pick their nose while operating a moving vehicle (which is a blight to society, I agree).  We are mad when the class we wanted to take is full because we neglected to wake up and register on time. We are mad at spouses, children, neighbors, co-workers, governments, random people we not know but whose posts we see on FB, people in the service industry, people with tattoos, people without tattoos, construction workers (Ok, I kind of get this one. Nothing appears to be more frustrating than miles of cones with nary a construction worker around.)
                We also seem to hate people on sight: have you even been out with a group when one person declares that they do not like the server/hostess/random person based on no discernible reason? And this person then decides to give the server/hostess/random person a cold shoulder or death stares, making things uncomfortable for the rest of the group.
                People have hated others based on reasons that I cannot fathom—color of skin, the way the other person looks, their vernacular, how they serve the food at a restaurant, the point of the political scale on which they fall. I just don’t get it and I am begging someone to explain this phenomenon to me. Hatred takes effort; why spend your effort on this?
                If any of you can clue me in on this, I’d appreciate it. Is it because we also feel entitled? In the meantime, I will promise to find all of you likeable, promise to smile waaaay more often than I frown, continue to love Archie comics and promise not to hate you—even if you insist on wearing those ugly crocs (sorry!), pick your nose or dive slow. I will not dislike you based on myriad of other traits that others might deem annoying.
Please….let’s share the love (just hold the drugs, please).

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