I am a polite speeder

If you have ever been lucky enough to be in a vehicle while I am at the helm, it probably took you about 2.3 seconds to realize that I am a driver who reaches the maximum allowable speed quickly. I have also, a time or two, gone a few (gasp!) m.p.h.s over thr speed limit. Look, like a lot of us I have a billion things to do, and being in a vehicle slowly and sluggishly heading to my destination just does not appeal to me. I have preety good reflexes at a green light and do not hesitate to motor myself through the intersection.

At the same time that I cannot stand pokey drivers and feel that it causes physical pain to be behind them, I am also polite. Even though I can I can push my vehicle through the intersection quicker than some can register the green light, I think it is rude to drive in a lane that ends and quickly jump into the other lane right before it ends, unless, of course there is a large berth and I know for certain the vehicle in front of me is of the pokiest nature.

There are apparently a lot of people who have decided that they do not give a hoot about courtesy on the road. When I travel on U.S. 23 South, towards Saline, to turn right (West) onto Michigan Ave, I stay in the inner-most right-hand lane, as I know the outer right hand lane will end. However, thousands of people apparently do not share this philosophy and will use the outer-right lane and EXPECT to move over to the inner-lane before it ends, no matter how many vehicles are in the correct lane…no matter how much that lane is already backed up. It is the expectation that these rude drivers hold that irks me. Hey, I like to drive as fast as the next person (faster in many cases), but I do not expect to be in the wrong lane–knowingly–and have everyone move over for me.

The lack of courtesy on the road really concerns me–whether it is the person with their phone stuck to their ear and foregoing signals, the loser in the wrong lane expecting to get in, or the person whom you let out into traffic who is too entitled to give you a nod and a wave–it seems that we are losing our manners on the road.

Let’s change that, shall we? Practice–smile, nod and wave. Drive on.


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