Not 1 in a million, but one in ten million!

On Saturday, March 31st, I started receiving shots of Filgastrim. The first shot, given to me that day at Dundee Urgent care, was also coupled with a blood draw—my 6th one since starting this process of bone-marrow donation. I dragged along Nathan Clark, of the Washtenaw Voice, who managed to crack me up despite the fact that we were at an urgent care on Saturday morning as opposed to our beds, which is pretty much where you can find me on Saturday mornings.

The medical assistant was unable to find my veins to draw my blood, so she sent me to the lab where a registered phlebotomist was able to find my vein post hence and even managed to withdraw blood from it. I’d say that phlebotomists really learn their stuff. I am very sorry that I have taken them for granted in the past.

The Filgastrim burns a bit when it goes into your skin (this shot is not administered into the muscle, but rather into shallow tissue) though the nurse who makes house/work calls—yes, they make this process convenient for you—is able to give me both vials of Filgastrim without much burn at all. She is a pro!

I have had three injections of Filgastrim and will receive my 4th today before class—as if Administrative Law wasn’t inherently agony enough—and my 5th tomorrow right before my donation.

After my 3rd injection yesterday, the nurse looked at me wondrously and asked me how it felt to be the closest match of the 10 million people on the National Bone Marrow Registry. Hey, I’ve always wanted to be one of a kind, and I guess 1 in 10 million isn’t so bad.



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