My veins are…not cool.

The National Bone Marrow Donor program representative sent me to the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit instead of UM in Ann Arbor. This is because if your veins are not deemed large enough in your arms, the donation procedure must be done via a central catheter in your chest. Apparently, UM will not do this (what the heck, UM?)…but Karmanos will.

Apparently I have “awful veins”. As soon as the nurse, kindly enough, uttered those words, I felt inadequate. Isn’t is funny the things we want to apologize for?  “I am sorry that my veins are awful… I am just not cool.” Yes, that is what was going through my mind. Geez, Rachel, give yourself a break.

Anyhoo, the veins in my arms are indeed not big or cool enough to accomodate the donation procedure, so I will need to  have the chest catheter. The Coordinator at Karmanos explained that there are pros to this: the procedure will be quicker this way and my arms/hands will be free. Which is good news, because those of you who know me best know my weakness: I am claustrophobic. And being without the use of my arms might trigger that panic. But shhhh….don’t tell Karmanos….so far they think I am normal…

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