Karmanos kicks bum!

I grew up in Ann Arbor. And what do we like here? Wolverine sport and medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center. I have to admit that I felt safe and well taken-care of when I was giving birth at UM’s Mott Hospital. We all know that UM is best in class in a lot of ways.

At first, I balked (only in my head, not aloud) at the idea of going to Karmanos when I am familiar with UM and it is right down the street. Plus, I have no problems getting to Detroit…it is leaving that scares me, what with the one-way roads and crazy drivers and poor singage. I must admit, however, that I am a fan of Karmanos Cancer Center.

I had several things happen while at KCC:

  • More blood drawn (good grief, are they killing me to save someone else?)
  • an EKG
  • urinalysis
  • physical exam by a doctor
  • health questionnaire
  • chest exray
  •  vein check
  • a look at the aphresis room

I was there for less than 2.5 hours which included checking-in and registering for the first time. Again, I have the utmost respect for UM, and they are renownded for their cancer center. However, if these same items has occurred at UM, it would have taken at least 5 hours, I am sure of it.

I was also sent a complimentary valet parking pass to use, which eases some of the anxiety about going to a new place and parking.

I was impressed with KCC and felt very much like they care about the people who pass through their doors. I am very lucky indeed, to be able to walk into that place in my condition–as a healthy donor–rather than someone who has cancer and is fighting for their life. And now, I am even luckier because I can pass some of that good fortune onto someone else…


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