My daughter…a vampire?

I mentioned to my daughter, Elizabeth, that a nurse was going to come to the house tomorrow before work to draw my blood for more blood tests (when will they believe I am STD and fetus-free?).  I casually asked her if she wanted to watch the blood draw and she was so excited that it rivaled her reaction at her Christmas gifts. Why she is super-excited to see the blood spurt out of my arm into containers is beyond me….unless, of course, she is a vampire masquerading as a savvy 4th-grader. Let’s examine the facts, shall we?

a) She is excited by blood

b) She is strikingly beautiful (in my opinion, of course).

c) She gets by on little sleep and most people her age would be dead from lack of it.

All kidding aside (not that I was), I am glad that the kids get to participate in and oversee this process with me. Perhaps now, they will not grow up fearing needles, medical procedures and will know that their bodies are strong and can withstand many things–including things that cause pain.

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