Sharing with kids…some highlights

I picked my oldest child, Regan, up from dance on Wednesday, the 22nd–the day I was confirmed to be a good match. I barely waited for her to have the door shut before I blurted out “guess what…I am a match for that guy!” Seeing Regan’s blank face, I realized I had to back track and explain again what I had been tested for. I told her that someone had an awful disease–such as cancer. She asked “isn’t that what Grampa Barsch died of?” I told her that it was, and that he had died of pancreatic cancer–a particularly virulent form of cancer. She replied “weird…we are watching the “Last Lecture” in school, and the Randy guy (Randy Pausch) died of that, too.”

I was excited that her school showed the “Last lecture” and encourage anyone who has not seen it, to check out the video at:

Elizabeth, Audrey and Spence are not quite sure what is happening, only that the blood sounds “gross”. Well, duh.

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