Saving a life…not just for superheroes!

I got the first call on January 24th. An email notification with a transcribed voicemail told me that I am a  potential match for someone needing a bone marrow transplant. I had just returned from back-to-back-to-back meetings and had to rush out the door to my Administrative Law class, but I was so excited by the prosepct of being a potential match, that despite the late hour, I called the Bne Marrow Registry back right away.

I was told that I am a potential match and was asked to donate blood so that it could be matched at the DNA level. On Monday, January 30, I drove to Livonia and gave a blood sample. I was told that testing could take up to 90 days. I was thinking “hold up…is this person not dying and in need of a transplant, like, ASAP?” I settled in to wait, reminding myself that the wait for the patient is much worse than mine…

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