I am match…hear me roar!

My professor from my Fundraising and Grant Writing class, taken in the winter of 2009,  told our class that those who donate their time and/or money often have higher levels of Oxytocin–sometimes dubbed the “Love Hormone”–in their system. I have to admit that, upon hearing the news, I felt particularly good, and perhaps my prof was right–doing something good for someone else does release a biological “feel good” reaction.

There has been varied reactions from my friends and co-workers to the news. My husband–ever the cool cucumber–told me that he is excited if I am excited. My friend Mary, commiserated on what kind of person the patient might be Linda, upon hearing the news that the paient is a male who lives in Italy said, “well, you know, I heard that the Pope is ill.” Which, of c ourse, had us giggling. Pete offered his congratulations, but I could tell from his face that he was thinking “God help us all if the recipient takes on her personality traits.” One of my closest colleagues indicated that he is jealous; he has been on the registry for years with nary a call. Erica and I laughed and said that we would have to warn Italy that my Peripheral blood stems cells are on their way and that the country would never be the same.

I am feeling pretty darn good about this opportunity and keep playing that Flo Rida song “Feeling Good” to match my mood.

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