And it’s…a match!

I got the confirmatory call on Wednesday, February 22nd. I had a premonition when I saw the red light on my phone, indicating a voice mail. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard “this is Vicki from the Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry…” I tried to listen to the message in its entirety but as soon as Vicki uttered “…find you to be a very good match….” all hope of that was lost.

Vicki told me that the patient’s doctor had determined that I am a good match, and that they wanted me to proceed in the process. Vicki then outlined all that was involved: I would be receiving a packet of information; I would need to submit to more blood testing (good grief!); I would need to drive to a cancer center in Detroit for a physical. I would need to give more blood samples–apparently they want to check and double check and triple check that I am not pregnant. Five days prior to the donation, I would need to receive injections of filgrastim, and then for each day including the day I donate.

While Vicki is explaining all of the logistics on the phone, my mind is racing. I am elated that I am a match! I want to tell everyone I know!

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